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Open access and open source in the context of scholarly publishing


Scholarly publishing in the English-speaking world has been in turmoil since the reduction in higher education funding in the 1970s affected university presses and libraries. Scholarly publishing is not about money, at least not directly, but about personal reputation, research dissemination, impact and the advancement of knowledge. Open publishing accounts for a relatively small proportion of scholarly publishing, though its impact is growing and affecting the commercial publishing models. Agata Mrva-Montoya



Interview with Magnus Hagander, the president of PostgreSQL Europe


Magnus Hagander is the president of PostgreSQL Europe and a member of Core Team of PostgreSQL. This year he was lecturing at the Prague PostgreSQL Developers’ Day (P2D2) for the third time. We’ve interviewed him about his positions in PostgreSQL, about his relation to this conference, about FOSDEM and about his blog and more stuff.


Interview with developers of Salix OS


Salix OS was created few days ago as a work of the formal Zenwalk developers. Luděk Janda was interested in why and how it was developed. His questions were answered by George Vlahavas, Pierrick Le Brun and Thorsten Mühlfelder.